Press Release

Chairman’s Statement to the Press Concerning Mayor Censure

Peoria/Glendale/Phoenix, AZ

Chairman Morgan’s Tuesday statement to the press:

Re: Press Release:

In coordination with the executive board of LD28 Republicans, the executive board of LD27 Republicans has also voted unanimously to censure the Republican Mayor of the City of Peoria, Cathy Carlat, over her endorsement of the Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate. Together, these two executive boards were elected by and officially represent all precinct committeemen of the Republican Party from the city of Peoria. We intend to take this matter up with the entire body at our next district meetings for a vote of all precinct committeemen.

There is no question that Mark Kelly’s record has been a stark contrast to the values that Arizona Republicans hold and contrary to the best interests of Arizonans in general. His votes consistently support a rich, elite class over the regular citizen and have directly contributed to the declining economic situation we Arizonans face today. The mayor’s decision to endorse this record demonstrates either her extremely poor judgement or a disingenuous claim of actually being a Republican. Either way, these two boards officially recommend that all Republicans withdraw any future support of the mayor and hold suspect any other endorsements she may have made or will make.

I welcome the opportunity to stand with my fellow Chairman, Lori Bango and her district, and call upon all precinct committeemen of the Republican Party to stand with us in this matter. I am available for comment should your outlet unexpectedly deem this newsworthy.

Best Regards,

Eric Morgan
Chairman, Arizona Republican Party, Legislative District 27