DVUSD Candidate Tony Bouie speaks with neighbors at a Republican Precinct Committeeman's house in the Angela Precinct of LD27

Angela Precinct PCs Meet and Greet with Candidates and Neighbors

The circle of influence that each PC has in their own precinct, if they’ll invest in the time and activity it takes to build that trust, is the most powerful part of the LD27 Precinct Strategy. A good PC can build a higher level of trust than the local and national media,  social media,  and unknown or little known politicians using large amounts of money to buy ads to convince voters of their intentions. A great example of a good PC reaching out to their friends,  family,  and voters in their precinct is Tom and Donna Booth from the Angela Precinct. They notified their PC Captain of the intention of holding a ballot discussion in their home to help voters decide who they would vote for. The team got the word out to a few candidates and experienced LD27 members to help. Read Tom’s reaction to the success of this meeting.
“The energy and enthusiasm to get solid conservatives elected is Awesome. Our in home meeting started out with 6 of our friends asking for help with the candidates, exploded to 18 in 24 hours. The meeting was enhanced by 4 candidates stopping by to share their passion for running for office. In the end, the attendees felt   empowered, that they were able to make better choices on their ballot because of the information shared. Our meeting was further enhanced by the attendance of our LD Chairman and 2nd Vice Chair, who could answer question and clear up confusion. Our in home meeting has energized a few people to get involved and make a difference. They realized getting involved is not an overwhelming commitment, if we all do a little bit the job is not overwhelming for anyone!”
The LD27 GOP leadership is working together everyday to provide the tools,  training,  and support to everyone that is willing to work hard to make sure each PC can imprint their values as the face of the Republican party and that is how we will win the day for our community,  county,  state,  and nation.
Chad Moreland
Arizona Republican Party
LD27 2nd Vice Chair