Press Release

LD27 Republican Executive Board formally censures Republican Mayor of Peoria Cathy Carlat

Peoria/Glendale/Phoenix, AZ

On July 23rd, 2022, the executive board of Arizona Republican Party, Legislative District 27 voted unanimously to censure outgoing Republican Mayor of Peoria, Cathy Carlat.

Synopsis: LD27 Republican Executive Board’s formal censure of Mayor Cathy Carlat

WHEREAS, the mission of the Republican Party in Legislative District 27 is to recruit, train, and elect Republicans who support the United States Constitution, the Arizona Constitution, and the Republican Party Platform, and to hold those elected accountable to the United States Constitution, the Arizona Constitution and the Republican Party Platform;

WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat is a registered Republican in the City of Peoria;

WHEREAS, the Democrat Party is the party of high gas prices, rising inflation, increasing personal income taxes, promoting socialism in the community, preventing integrity in our elections, aiding illegal aliens, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, defunding police, defunding school choice options, and promoting Critical Race Theory, hyper-sexualized curriculum and gender dysphoria in schools;

WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat made an unprecedented endorsement of a sitting Democrat prior to the August 2nd primary election;

WHEREAS, Mayor Cathy Carlat is allowing the use of her image, her voter registration, and position as Mayor of Peoria to campaign on behalf of that Democrat;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Republican Committee of Legislative District 27 hereby formally censures Mayor Cathy Carlat and shall immediately cease support of her as a member of the Republican Party for her endorsement of the Democrat Party while representing Peoria.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Republican Committee of Legislative District 27 calls on Republican voters in Peoria to hold suspect any further endorsements by Mayor Cathy Carlat and to heed this vote of no confidence, by ceasing recognition of Mayor Carlat as a Republican in good standing and forgoing support for Cathy Carlat in any elected capacity or future election for any prospective office.

Full text of the resolution can be viewed here.