Volunteer for Golden Ticket Tasks

PC Team! We need to know who will be participating and how. Please take this poll to give us an idea of who’s going to be helping with the most impactful activity we’ll be doing for the 2022 General Election. This work will be happening in the last half of August, with the walking happening in a window between OCTOBER 2nd, and OCTOBER 22nd. Ballots mail on October 12th and the Golden Tickets need to be fresh at that time and delivered before the voter mails their ballot.  Please select all you think you can help with. There’s no obligation if something comes up. Please select only one of the walking/time commitment options.  THANKS AND LET’S SHOW THE DEMS HOW IT’S DONE!

PC Signup For Golden Ticket Tasks

Please select all activities you may be able to help with.

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