What is a PC?

A Precinct Committeeman or PC, is the foundation of the Republican Party. Every other position in the Party is selected by the PCs. It’s a position of authority that when held, elevates your voice in the political systems. The basic role of the PC is to aid the Party in the registration of voters and getting the vote out. But as the decision maker of the party, you decide what the role can become.

Why become a PC?

Bottom line is INFLUENCE! As a PC you’ll step behind the curtain and see how things REALLY work in politics. You have first hand interaction with politicians and candidates, giving you insight no one else you know will have. You will start to command the respect of  neighbors, friends and family and you’ll find that you have more influence over their vote than any dollar amount spent by dark money or candidates.

With that influence, you signal to candidates and elected officials that you are someone serious about making a difference and you’re able to bring more than just your own vote to the table. We all complain about the money in politics but what is that money used for? It’s used to influence people to vote a certain way. You get that influence as a PC but without the big bank account (with some sweat equity of course).

The Party is simply the structure and resources to give you the tools you need to focus this influence in constructive directions in your precincts. Politicians know this and respect it, giving you a bigger voice with your elected officials. This is the kind of influence politics is supposed to yield to, and it ONLY comes from being a member of your political party.

How do I become a PC?

It’s EASY! You contact us and we’ll plug you in with your neighbors and you just start working! Much of what we do doesn’t require any official status. As you work side by side with PCs in your neighborhood, you’ll get a feel for the things you can do that have the most impact and you can take the next step.

PCs are elected at the primary election in August of even years and requires a tiny bit of paperwork to be filed in the spring to be eligible. After election, any vacancies in precincts are filled by appointment by district and county leadership but don’t really start until the following January. Elected PCs have a few more voting rights within the Party than appointed PCs do so it pays to get elected. 

There are plenty of PCs that will help you through the process. Contact your local district chairman or member of the district leadership team for more information. Don’t let the election or appointment requirement intimidate you and keep you from having the voice you deserve.

What is the term a PC serves?

PCs serve for two years that begins and ends in October following the August, even year primaries.

My precinct is full or they aren’t appointing right now. What do I do?

Apply as a PC anyway. We have a unofficial position called Associate Committeeman. You’re next in line for appointment when a vacancy occurs. As an AC, you can act just like a Precinct Committeeman except you can’t cast votes in Party business until your appointment as an official PC is recorded. Most of our activity that really matters does not require being an officially recorded PC.

How much time does it take?

That’s entirely up to you! It’s not a job. You can’t get fired. You put the time in you can, doing the things you want, using the skills and passions you have, to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Okay… But what does a PC really do?

The following are some of the jobs a PC can choose from to make a difference:

  1. Register Republican voters
  2. Recruit Republican Precinct Committeemen to help YOU
  3. Elect all party leaders from the district all the way to national committee through a representative system
  4. Recruit Republican candidates for office
  5. Knock on YOUR neighbors’ doors or make phone calls to get to know their interests
  6. Deliver voter guides at election time to help candidates YOU support get elected
  7. Host gatherings at your house or local establishments to educate neighbors, get feedback and promote Republican values
  8. Attend meetings with fellow party members and elected officials to strategize, lobby and stay informed.
  9. Help build websites for technically challenged districts
  10. Design business cards for artistically challenged PCs
  11. Become a Deputy Registrar and greet America’s newest citizens at naturalization ceremonies
  12. Become elected a National Delegate, attend the National Convention and cast the OFFICIAL vote to select the Republican Presidential Candidate
  13. Tell US what we SHOULD be doing. The Party BELONGS to the PCs!

OKAY! I’M IN! What now?

It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Contact the district leadership and let them know you’re in!
  2. Sign Up for email notices of upcoming meetings and keep an eye our events page.
  3. Fill out our Precinct Contact Form to get in touch with PCs in YOUR neighborhood.