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The Party is Less Like YOU without YOU in it!

Become an LD27 Republican Party Precinct Committeeman

The Party is where YOU make YOUR voice heard!

The Party is YOUR Voice

Winning and making a difference requires each of us to have influence. There's strength in numbers and by banding together, focusing on the things we control and have in common, we can move mountains!

Social Media vs. GOP

Online you're either preaching to the choir or being silenced. Social media can be a powerful tool but needs focus on pulling people together. The Party is simply the structure and resources to actually take real action.

Politicians aren't the Party

You are the party but only if you are involved. Your absence leaves the bad actors behind and in charge. As a precinct committeeman, you are in charge of the party direction and influence the actions we take together.

Together we can make a difference​

None of us can do this on our own. The Precinct Committeeman is the only voting member of the Republican Party directly elected by Republican voters in your neighborhood. Every other position in the Republican Party is filled by a vote of Precinct Committeemen. We have monthly meetings and strategize with our boards but the real work is happening in our kitchens, living rooms, and back yards. Who knows your community better than you and your neighbors?

Getting Involved

Register to Vote

To participate in the Republican Party, you need to be a registered Republican. Once registered, we'll work to register others.

Become a PC

The Precinct Committeeman is the building block of the Republican Party. It's fun, easy and amazingly informative. Be an expert!

Attend our Meetings

Our regular monthly general meetings are every second Tuesday of the month and all Republicans are invited.

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